My 3D-Printer setup

LulzBot Mini

All about the Mini in this post.

Wanhao Duplicator i3

The Wanhao Duplicator i3 is a 3D-Printer with the capability to produce a fantastic quality for a low price. To archive that, some mods are required. I listed the mods that changed the print quality significant below under “mods” and some other cosmetic and comfort stuff under “Additions”.
I tinkered quite a bit to get the most out of the printer and i had to disassemble the extruder more than a few times because of some clogs or stuck filament. If he is printing he does a really good job.
I totally recommend the Wanhao i3 as a beginner printer. While modding and fixing things you learn a lot about how it works.Photo 30-04-16 11 37 32Photo 30-04-16 11 36 58



Forge-Bot Delta printer

A friend of mine is a talented engineer and build his own 3D-Printer, a Delta inspired by the Kossel-Printers.
It’s a well build machine wich is capable of printing with 80mm/s and still maintain good quality.

You can read more about the printer on his Website:

IMG_2373 Wanhao i3 and the Forge-Bot on my nice Ikea cupboard.

3D-Printed 60% Case

I got a 3D-Printer. Probably the reason why it was so quiet here. It took a lot of work to get really good prints out of it but finally i’m there, i will make an extra post about the setup and the printer.
Because my Gh60 is still missing a case (i didn’t had the time to build the wood one) i printed one and it came out great.
My printer has a bed of 20×20 cm so i needed to cut the case in half to be able to print it. It still looks alright though.
Because i like heavy keyboards sticking to the desk I will add small metal-stripes in the case so it gets heavier.

You can find the design files here:



GH60Build-2Finally, after waiting for all the parts to arrive from all around the world, i build my very first Keyboard. Details about which parts I use can be found in Part 1 of this Post.
Assembling everything together was easier than i thought. Worst part was that i misplaced the switches of the bottom row. There were for each switch multiple holes right next to each other and i choose the wrong one for the Ctrl, Win and Alt-Key. Desolder them was difficult because the soldering tin was deep down in the PCB-hole and didn’t want to get out. Another issue is the stabiliser of the Backspace-key, something is wrong with it and it got stuck when pressing the key, I ended up just removing the stabiliser there because its steady enough without it.

I’m still missing the Wood-Case, that will come as soon as my dad has the time to help me make it. For the time being I just used a plank and screwed the board on it. There is already a Firmware on the PCB, but it will be replaced with a customised version of the TMK-Firmware.

Photo 12-03-16 13 29 21 copy

Miami Keycaps, GH60-Satan PCB, Plate, Stabilisers and Gateron MX Blues

Photo 12-03-16 13 32 28 copy

I’m not sure if i did miss something or if thestabilisers are just bad. They are really wobbly and don’t feel good.. i checked how the ones in my Pok3r are and they seem much more steady.. next time I’ll definitely research for some better and probably plate- instead of PCB-mounted ones..

Photo 12-03-16 13 46 48 copy

Stabilisers on the PCB

Photo 12-03-16 13 51 27 copy

I put in the first row first, soldered it, than the next row..

Photo 12-03-16 14 01 23 copy

Soldering with 300° C, at the end when testing some keys didn’t work, turns out i missed some.

Photo 12-03-16 14 29 03

All switches assembled. Testing everything before putting on the Keycaps with

Photo 12-03-16 15 34 22

Sexy :3

GH60Build-2 GH60Build-1

Pexon PCs custom (USB) cables

Pexon Pcs is a small family business based in the UK. They specialized in making custom Cables with a lot of color and sleeving variety.
When ordering, there are a lot of options to choose from:

  • Color, the color of the basic sleeve
  • Double Sleeving, an extra layer to give the cable more strength
  • Connectors (USB Male/Female, Mini-USB, ..)
  • Connector Style (Shrink Tubing or Plastic)
  • Coiling

I ordered two cables, one fitting the green/white DSA-Keycaps and one for the Miamis. Both turned out great although i schuld have chosen some brighter green on the one with double sleeving, the plan was that its white green, now its more like white with a little green deep down. I like the Shrink-Tubing connector style way more than the standard plastic ones all the standard cables have, makes it simpler and looks clean. Quality wise i can only speak for what i can see and feel and it looks very well produced and solid. The one with double sleeving is obviously a little more resilient.

Cable configuration
4ft, [550] Miami, USB A (male) to Mini USB (male) with Purple Shrink Tubing
5ft, [550] Delta Green, White Techflex Double Sleeving, USB A (male) to Mini USB (male) with White Shrink Tubing

pexon1 Photo 09-03-16 12 21 04Photo 09-03-16 12 28 18 Photo 09-03-16 12 22 12