GH60Build-2Finally, after waiting for all the parts to arrive from all around the world, i build my very first Keyboard. Details about which parts I use can be found in Part 1 of this Post.
Assembling everything together was easier than i thought. Worst part was that i misplaced the switches of the bottom row. There were for each switch multiple holes right next to each other and i choose the wrong one for the Ctrl, Win and Alt-Key. Desolder them was difficult because the soldering tin was deep down in the PCB-hole and didn’t want to get out. Another issue is the stabiliser of the Backspace-key, something is wrong with it and it got stuck when pressing the key, I ended up just removing the stabiliser there because its steady enough without it.

I’m still missing the Wood-Case, that will come as soon as my dad has the time to help me make it. For the time being I just used a plank and screwed the board on it. There is already a Firmware on the PCB, but it will be replaced with a customised version of the TMK-Firmware.

Photo 12-03-16 13 29 21 copy

Miami Keycaps, GH60-Satan PCB, Plate, Stabilisers and Gateron MX Blues

Photo 12-03-16 13 32 28 copy

I’m not sure if i did miss something or if thestabilisers are just bad. They are really wobbly and don’t feel good.. i checked how the ones in my Pok3r are and they seem much more steady.. next time I’ll definitely research for some better and probably plate- instead of PCB-mounted ones..

Photo 12-03-16 13 46 48 copy

Stabilisers on the PCB

Photo 12-03-16 13 51 27 copy

I put in the first row first, soldered it, than the next row..

Photo 12-03-16 14 01 23 copy

Soldering with 300° C, at the end when testing some keys didn’t work, turns out i missed some.

Photo 12-03-16 14 29 03

All switches assembled. Testing everything before putting on the Keycaps with

Photo 12-03-16 15 34 22

Sexy :3

GH60Build-2 GH60Build-1