The Keyboard collection

  • IBM Model M
  • Filco TKL Cream
    – Switches: Cherry MX Blue
    – Keycaps: Standard
  • Vortex Pok3r 60% White
    – Switches: Cherry MX Brown + O-Rings
    – Keycaps: Signature Plastics DSA
  • Self build GH60
    – Switches: Gateron MX Blue
    – Keycaps: Tai-Hao Miami
  • Ducky Shine 2 TKL
    – Switches: Cherry MX Red
    – Keycaps: Standard

3D-Printed 60% Case

I got a 3D-Printer. Probably the reason why it was so quiet here. It took a lot of work to get really good prints out of it but finally i’m there, i will make an extra post about the setup and the printer.
Because my Gh60 is still missing a case (i didn’t had the time to build the wood one) i printed one and it came out great.
My printer has a bed of 20×20 cm so i needed to cut the case in half to be able to print it. It still looks alright though.
Because i like heavy keyboards sticking to the desk I will add small metal-stripes in the case so it gets heavier.

You can find the design files here:



GH60Build-2Finally, after waiting for all the parts to arrive from all around the world, i build my very first Keyboard. Details about which parts I use can be found in Part 1 of this Post.
Assembling everything together was easier than i thought. Worst part was that i misplaced the switches of the bottom row. There were for each switch multiple holes right next to each other and i choose the wrong one for the Ctrl, Win and Alt-Key. Desolder them was difficult because the soldering tin was deep down in the PCB-hole and didn’t want to get out. Another issue is the stabiliser of the Backspace-key, something is wrong with it and it got stuck when pressing the key, I ended up just removing the stabiliser there because its steady enough without it.

I’m still missing the Wood-Case, that will come as soon as my dad has the time to help me make it. For the time being I just used a plank and screwed the board on it. There is already a Firmware on the PCB, but it will be replaced with a customised version of the TMK-Firmware.

Photo 12-03-16 13 29 21 copy

Miami Keycaps, GH60-Satan PCB, Plate, Stabilisers and Gateron MX Blues

Photo 12-03-16 13 32 28 copy

I’m not sure if i did miss something or if thestabilisers are just bad. They are really wobbly and don’t feel good.. i checked how the ones in my Pok3r are and they seem much more steady.. next time I’ll definitely research for some better and probably plate- instead of PCB-mounted ones..

Photo 12-03-16 13 46 48 copy

Stabilisers on the PCB

Photo 12-03-16 13 51 27 copy

I put in the first row first, soldered it, than the next row..

Photo 12-03-16 14 01 23 copy

Soldering with 300° C, at the end when testing some keys didn’t work, turns out i missed some.

Photo 12-03-16 14 29 03

All switches assembled. Testing everything before putting on the Keycaps with

Photo 12-03-16 15 34 22

Sexy :3

GH60Build-2 GH60Build-1

Pexon PCs custom (USB) cables

Pexon Pcs is a small family business based in the UK. They specialized in making custom Cables with a lot of color and sleeving variety.
When ordering, there are a lot of options to choose from:

  • Color, the color of the basic sleeve
  • Double Sleeving, an extra layer to give the cable more strength
  • Connectors (USB Male/Female, Mini-USB, ..)
  • Connector Style (Shrink Tubing or Plastic)
  • Coiling

I ordered two cables, one fitting the green/white DSA-Keycaps and one for the Miamis. Both turned out great although i schuld have chosen some brighter green on the one with double sleeving, the plan was that its white green, now its more like white with a little green deep down. I like the Shrink-Tubing connector style way more than the standard plastic ones all the standard cables have, makes it simpler and looks clean. Quality wise i can only speak for what i can see and feel and it looks very well produced and solid. The one with double sleeving is obviously a little more resilient.

Cable configuration
4ft, [550] Miami, USB A (male) to Mini USB (male) with Purple Shrink Tubing
5ft, [550] Delta Green, White Techflex Double Sleeving, USB A (male) to Mini USB (male) with White Shrink Tubing

pexon1 Photo 09-03-16 12 21 04Photo 09-03-16 12 28 18 Photo 09-03-16 12 22 12

Wooden Wrist Rests

asdYesterday my dad gave me the first version of the Wrist Rests we are building. It’s pretty and straightforward simple. I was worried if it maybe to slippery and slide around the desk but it seems fine and when the hands are laying on it it’s solid on the desk without moving. Although there will be “slide stoppers” included when you buy one.
The front edge is a little bit higher than my Pok3r-Case is but it doesn’t bother while typing.
There will be an option to choose which wood you like and the size.
Currently planned options are: 60% and TKL sizes out of Walnut, oke and beech Wood. Prices will be around 20€ + Shipping costs (-+ 5€ depending on the chosen option).
Next step will be creating some more and get them to some friends, receive their feedback and than go in production :).
Photo 02-03-16 10 28 53

Photo 02-03-16 10 28 59