Signature Plastic’s DSA Keycaps

I received my Keycaps from Signature Plastic’s (via and so far they feel great. I choose them in the DSA-Profile because i like that all keys have the same height. Much like the Apple-Keyboard i used at work before i got the Pok3r.

I got the Base Set in White (WAN) and the Modifiers in Green (VCC). The quality is good, they feel solid and a little grainy on the top which gives them a good but not too good grip. Some of the keys have little “nipples” of plastic at the side, probably a relic of the manufacturing process but you don’t really see them when everything is assembled. They are fitting perfectly on the Cherry-Stems. For all together 60$ i can only recommend these Keycaps if you like DSA.

sa_dsa_keycaps2 sa_dsa_keycaps3 sa_dsa_keycaps5 sa_dsa_keycaps4 sa_dsa_keycaps1

MX Switches (Cherry, Gateron, Greetech)

I need to decide for two type of switches. One for my GH60 Build and one for a Keyboard i wanna get for work (Poker 3, HHKB or Filco MT) so i ordered some switches to test them out.


All three of them need 55g to press through. The Cherry ones, probably the standard, feel great and the sound is satisfying and powerful. While the Greetech ones feel and sound almost exactly like the Cherrys the Gaterons are louder and feel slightly more clicky than the Cherrys. It feels like the travel way to the click is a little bit shorter, which i like very much.


The Greetech ones feel weird, it’s almost like they got two “clicks” they hit. The Cherrys feel very solid, i also added a o-ring to make them even more silent and i think with o-rings they are silent enough to use them in the office.

Other tactile

Interesting ones are also the Cherry Whites. They are a more silent version of the Greens (which are a stiffer version of the Blues) but they feel and sound pretty good. Just a silent little click.


Not much to say here, they feel all ok. I used Cherry Reds for over three years now and i still like them for Gaming and all around pc work.


Overall the Cherry switches still feel like they have the best quality, although i think i will try the Gateron Blues for my GH60 Build. The Greetech switches feel ok, but not as solid as the others.

Building a 60% Keyboard (Part1: Shopping)

After some years of wanting to do it, i finally got the funding and the motivation to build my own mechanical keyboard. Due to the fact that i’m not too good with electronics, this first one will build upon the GH60-Design made by the Geekhack-Forum which is almost exactly what i want.



  1. GH60 PCB (Satan) – 32€
  2. Plate – 27€
  3. 61 Switches – ~50€
  4. Stabilizers (4xsmall, 1xbig) – 4€
  5. Keycaps – 35€
  6. USB Cable – 20€
  7. Case – 15€

Total: 183€ (without Shipping.)


GH60 PCB and Plate

I got the PCB from eBay, but they are also available from Aliexpress. The Microcontroller is already pre-soldered on this one and a Firmware is deployed, although i think i may do some extras to mine. The plate is also from the same eBay-Seller.


This was a hard one. There are many great keycap sets out there and many of them are ordered via or directly in the forums which lead to a kind of “keycap elitism”. After some research i found some nice looking keycaps made by Tai-Hao. Those are Doubleshot and seem good, also they have the awesome Miami-Colors available. Altough there is some kind of “Nano Antibiosis technology” on them which many users reported to be bad, because dirt sticks to them. However there is a solution: Get rid of the Antibiosis-shit with some high percentage alcohol.


I’m not sure about this one yet. At first i wanted Cherry Blues, but than i ordered a Switch-Tester with Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Black, Cherry MX White, Cherry MX Green, GATERON MX Blue, GATERON MX Black , GATERON MX Clear , Greetech MX Red, Greetech MX Blue and Greetech MX Brown to test all of them and then decide. Probably the most important part of the keyboard so i want the perfect ones!


Most of the cases for 60%-Keyboards fit to the GH60. There are some cheap plastic ones and also some expensive but better looking aluminium ones out there. I’m planning todo it myself out of wood, we’ll see how it goes.


Not so important for function but for the looks is the USB Cable. At first i wanted to use a standard one but then i found the shop of Pexon. They are a family business buildung awesome cable stuff. So i ordered one which fits the Miami-Style of the keycaps :).


Part 2 of this Build: Building a 60% Keyboard (Part2: Assembling)