How To Build A Hydroponic Garden (DWC)

So, i build a small Aero-Hydro growbox, and here’s how:

You need:
– a Box
– a Air Pump (Like one in an aquarium)
– Net plant pots
– Black spray can (This is necessary because light will benefit algal vegetation)
– and some tools

1. Draw the points where the holes for the netpots will be

2. Drill the holes. If you dont have an driller like me saw it out. (First draw holes with a circle)

because my driller was to small, i had to rasp the holes a little bit wider

3. Sand the edges of the holes to make it  cleaner

4. Sand the hole surface of the box. The spray paint will hold better. Maybe use a finer sand paper, the one i used made big scratches

4. Stick an area with tape before spraying, so we have a window to see the water level

5. Spray. Look at the label of your spray can how to spray it

6. Get rid of the tape and get your pump with the pipes

7. Drill holes into the box for the pipes

8. Stick the pipes, i used a hot glue gun

9. Stick the ends of the pipes to the bottom underneath the holes

10. Enter the netpots and close the box.


 Thats it.

At beginning, the water-level should be about 1-2cm into the net-pots. When the plants grew some roots the level can also be lower.