The Lulzbot Mini 3D-Printer

So.. i got a third printer. Not that i needed one but i wanted one. Something small but powerful with the ability to print any material. After some research i found the Lulzbot Mini and immediately fell in love. Not only can he do all i want, he even has automatic bed leveling and is completely open source. Not only the software also all the specs for the hardware are available and licensed under GPLv3/CCBYSA4.0.


The Lulzbot Mini, printing a tool holder for itself.

The detail of engineering is amazing. The autolevel functions with the nozzle and the metal-pads on the side, when they touch, a circuits closes. To make sure it can touch, the nozzle gets cleaned before leveling on a small pad at the back of the bed. There are holes in the top and the side of the metal case to mount cameras and RaspberryPi’s, you get a lot of tools with it, there is a handle to carry it around, the filament holder can be flipped down.. everything about this printer feels really well thought through.
The Mini has no display, but that’s no problem, at least for me, since i’m using OctoPrint anyway.
I can only recommend this printer for everyone who wants a easy but awesome printing experience.
One thing I didn’t like: the printer is really loud. I measured it with my iPhone (not really accurate i guess) and came to 70-80dB which is as loud as a loud conversation. But there is an easy fix, install a damper on the Y-Axis-Driver. There is a Open Hardware Assembly Instruction available from Lulzbot. This damped it down to about 60dB (as loud as a normal conversation) but feels like at least half as loud.

My Setup

All the mods installed.

All the mods installed.