My 3D-Printer setup

LulzBot Mini

All about the Mini in this post.

Wanhao Duplicator i3

The Wanhao Duplicator i3 is a 3D-Printer with the capability to produce a fantastic quality for a low price. To archive that, some mods are required. I listed the mods that changed the print quality significant below under “mods” and some other cosmetic and comfort stuff under “Additions”.
I tinkered quite a bit to get the most out of the printer and i had to disassemble the extruder more than a few times because of some clogs or stuck filament. If he is printing he does a really good job.
I totally recommend the Wanhao i3 as a beginner printer. While modding and fixing things you learn a lot about how it works.Photo 30-04-16 11 37 32Photo 30-04-16 11 36 58



Forge-Bot Delta printer

A friend of mine is a talented engineer and build his own 3D-Printer, a Delta inspired by the Kossel-Printers.
It’s a well build machine wich is capable of printing with 80mm/s and still maintain good quality.

You can read more about the printer on his Website:

IMG_2373 Wanhao i3 and the Forge-Bot on my nice Ikea cupboard.