Pexon PCs custom (USB) cables

Pexon Pcs is a small family business based in the UK. They specialized in making custom Cables with a lot of color and sleeving variety.
When ordering, there are a lot of options to choose from:

  • Color, the color of the basic sleeve
  • Double Sleeving, an extra layer to give the cable more strength
  • Connectors (USB Male/Female, Mini-USB, ..)
  • Connector Style (Shrink Tubing or Plastic)
  • Coiling

I ordered two cables, one fitting the green/white DSA-Keycaps and one for the Miamis. Both turned out great although i schuld have chosen some brighter green on the one with double sleeving, the plan was that its white green, now its more like white with a little green deep down. I like the Shrink-Tubing connector style way more than the standard plastic ones all the standard cables have, makes it simpler and looks clean. Quality wise i can only speak for what i can see and feel and it looks very well produced and solid. The one with double sleeving is obviously a little more resilient.

Cable configuration
4ft, [550] Miami, USB A (male) to Mini USB (male) with Purple Shrink Tubing
5ft, [550] Delta Green, White Techflex Double Sleeving, USB A (male) to Mini USB (male) with White Shrink Tubing

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