Self build cupboard grow box – Part 1: preparation

Winter is boring so i decided to grow some hydroponic Chilies and build my own grow box.

To do that i need a few things:

  1.  a cupboard
    After some research i found a great cupboard on amazon its big enough for at least two Chilies and it has an extra shelf where i can put all the electronic stuff.
  2. some light
    Im not sure with what i am going here. My first thoughts where that i use fluorescent lamps but I’m not sure about the heat generation. I read much about LED lamps but i have no clue about them. So i have to research and i will post my research on an extra post.
  3. filter for the used air
    Some 12V PC Fans should do the job, maybe with an extra carbon filter to eliminate all the smell.
  4. a hydro box
    I think ill just use the one i build some posts before. 
  5. nutrients
    I already have them from “Advanced Hydroponics“.
  6. some extra stuff
    white foil for the internal space, thermo- and hydrometer


So i hope thats all i need, update with pictures and how i build all the things together will follow soon!