Self build cupboard grow box – Part 2: construction

So, i build the Cupboard and here are some pictures of it. I used my Hydrobox and i will add a 30 Liter barrel to circulate the water to stabilize the ph-value. A post about that will follow.The cupboard, closed.

The electronic-shelf, with Co2 pump, Thermometer and a multi socket.

Magnet that holds the door of the “fake shelf”.

Every wall inside is covered with white foil.

The LED light and an self build Carbon-filter.

The backside with the electronic of the carbon-filter.

Temperature and humidity sensor.

The Hydrobox. On the bottom i sawed the floor of the cupboard to get a little more height.

All in action.

Hydrobox from the Top.


This should give you an basic overview, if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to ask.