Wooden Wrist Rests

asdYesterday my dad gave me the first version of the Wrist Rests we are building. It’s pretty and straightforward simple. I was worried if it maybe to slippery and slide around the desk but it seems fine and when the hands are laying on it it’s solid on the desk without moving. Although there will be “slide stoppers” included when you buy one.
The front edge is a little bit higher than my Pok3r-Case is but it doesn’t bother while typing.
There will be an option to choose which wood you like and the size.
Currently planned options are: 60% and TKL sizes out of Walnut, oke and beech Wood. Prices will be around 20€ + Shipping costs (-+ 5€ depending on the chosen option).
Next step will be creating some more and get them to some friends, receive their feedback and than go in production :).
Photo 02-03-16 10 28 53

Photo 02-03-16 10 28 59